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The Best Happy Hour in New York City!



Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, Point Break NYC is a surf themed pour-house accompanied by our mouthwatering kitchen.


Formerly known as Nation to the midtown community, Point Break NYC reopened in the Summer of 2010 as a laid back bar with costal flares evident from the decor to the menu items. We are a three level bar with high brick walls, always willing to host your next night out. With a killer food menu, refreshing ambiance, ever-changing cocktails and party favors, we host daily $4 happy hour, lunch specials, sports party, ladies nights, holiday parties and much more. We have just the right option for you to celebrate a special event or just enjoy a night out in the city!



(212) 391-8053


12 W 45th street (between   5th and 6th Ave.) 
New York, NY 10036


Grand Central: (4,5,6, Shuttle) Bryant Park (F,M,D,B, 7 train) Times Square (R,N,Q,1,2,3,A,C,E train) Port Authority Bus Terminal




M-W 11am–12am

T-F 11am-1am

Sat 12pm- 4am

Sun Closed. 

Kitchen open everyday until 10:30 PM


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